Bruxelles antidumping

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The European Union has ordered the registration of Chinese photovoltaic modules and components for the construction cleared from 08 March 2013 with PRC origin, which may be subject to a customs duty ranging between 10% and 65%. That duty will depend on state aid that Beijing or Regional Chinese Governments have manufacturer to the industry.

What are the possibile scenarios?

Chinese producers will defend themselves with a significant price increase (minimum 10 € cents / watt) for all products cleared after the March 8, 2013, probably the product already exw Europe will suffer an increase in part because of speculation.

And the European products?

It ‘s a fact that all European production can not satisfy about 15 GW planned for the domestic market although some industries closed due to the crisis could be “revived” their potential will not be able to meet the demand in view of the fact that many semi-finished products are still imported from China and subject to a strict customs, hence it is assumed a continuous and progressive rise in prices over the next few weeks with difficulties in obtaining materials EU.

It will be our care to keep customers informed of developments

We currently have available in our store moderate amounts BOSCH – SHARP – QCELL – BenQ.

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